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Main prerequisite essential to be an escort in Bangalore


The most indispensable feature to be an escort in Bangalore is to deceit and dissimulate the true women in herself as no virtuous women will be willingly pursuing the job of a call girl in Bangalore.

Main prerequisite essential to be an escort in Bangalore

Main prerequisite essential to be an escort in Bangalore is to be a flexible lady while with the client and with a conscience and inflexible civility in Manners. while in bed and for the ‘niche-service we Provide the client is a kind of stress buster to any person who is taking services from us.

We do a profession where we get rusted in the end and we get depreciated value over the year and we get no value with experience and only new recruits are making a fortune and we have no regrets on the same and at the end of the day, we appreciate the clients who had made our day.

My Aunty who was my caretaker when I was a kid kept saying that life is not about pleasing your self and being selfish for your own needs but on times we need to do things for the sake of others and I do completely agree with her now and understand in clarity why Blow jobs are for.

We as escorts in Bangalore are skilled courtesans  and have mastered the art of seduction and are linguistic on various subjects and have to be updated on the latest trends on all topics ranging from  latest scientific discoveries till the war in Afghanistan and we are not sure who is going to be our next client and at times we had veterans from the gulf war to the stars  in Bollywood.

We do  have the best of the clients who seek not only sexual pleasures but also a companion who can carry her self in ease in a start hotel and do a job  like any other working professional  with a pride in what we do and with a job satisfaction and we do not have any emotional involvement with any of our clients and we advice all our team members to have develop the same attitude to move forward  for being a successful escort and in the process we have honed the art of alluring and seducing a gentleman and ensure the money is well spent and we escort comically describe our sessions with a client as a typical day where we need to be concentrate  on a gentleman with our ears and eyes wide open and an eye on his pants.

We escort in Bangalore have a mental strength developed with experience and have lots of pain inside us burning and we never intend the same pain to be inherited by anyone known to us and we know the pain kills and we honestly pray no one unknowingly gets hurt being an escort.

It is not the escorting field  and we are  not to be blamed and it is the nature of man to use a women for his selfish needs and let it be his lawfully wedded lady or hired  escorts like us  a mans  attitude had always been to hold a women underneath and master his art of slavery on  the opposite gender  and it is just a hand-picked man who really respects women hood  like his Mother.

Being remorseless in being an escort in Bangalore with an unapologetic sense to move forward in the career of an Independent escort in Bangalore is the armor
 a woman should possess. 

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