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Job as an escort – Escorting as a Passionate profession

Escorting as a Passionate profession

Escorting as a Passionate profession

Job as an escort is Snippets from my Dairy as an escort

Getting ready to meet my client on a busy day like today with a strange request of wearing saree as it is tougher on a rainy day like today.

Its all part of the game and here I am with a request to pen down my thoughts in pursuing a job as an  Independent escort in Bangalore.

Let me try my writing skills and do pardon me for any typos or grammatical errors.

I am not entirely familiar with this alien language of English, which neither belongs to my country or me.

I am writing here with the little know English I learned from my schoolday.

My appointment is at 9.00 pm tonight at a leading hotel in MG Road, and now it is 8.00 am.

I do have enough time to write down a few good thoughts of mine in being an Independent escort in Bangalore.

My escort job had given me the name of Namitha and let me start with that.

I am not here to start on recollecting my early days of moaning and grumping days.

The time I pursued this escorting business. I am happy being an escort as I am happy with the money.

Honestly, I do enjoy my time with my clients, and I am passionate about what I am doing in a job as an escort. I am a prosperous escort.

I am the most wanted escort in my team and let me begin my story here

My job as an escort

job as an escort


To be a prosperous escort.

  • The first thing is to fall in love with the escorting business.
  • To have passion for the job as an escort and to trust your Instinct.
  • My mission is not merely to thrive in the job as an escort but to live a life king size rather what matters to society.
  • I am content in I do have and possessed all my life, moreover to have a satisfying job.
  • The beauty of women is not in her skin tone; the real beauty of a woman lies in her soul.
  • It is caring and loving she reflects in herself, and her job as an escort and the real beauty will glow in her personality.

The dream begins with a dreamer, and the real beauty glows in women in years that are passing by.

I reached my dreams with patience, strength, and persuasion, and I am a super believer in the power of persuasion.

Any person possessing the power persuasion will be a superhuman being in society.

I am 23 years old, and I love sex, and the usual escorting day starts with me meeting the client in his hotel or home.

A few conversations here and there, and we have clients who would love to move slow.

Keep talking until they start sex, and some quickies would finish the job the moment we enter the room.

Some clients would do nothing and prefer just talking alone as we Independent escort in Bangalore are patient listeners.

I am showered in affection and adored beyond my perceptibility. in being a high-class Independent escort in Bangalore.

I am humbled to the core of my success as an Independent escort in Bangalore. Honestly, I love for being myself as I never allow my prosperity to hit my head.

I live with my family in a beautiful Luxury Apartments in Koramangala. As I am no stranger to any person who can see myself as a friendly neighbour.

The fact only myself have a disguise of two people in myself the one as an escort and the other as a normal next door lady.

Working with Gfe Bangalore is like working in a leading MNC, and we have a professional approach.

The regular clients know how we operate and the cadre of girls in our team, and we expect no-frills from the clients.

We do our job of escorting with a sense of pride. Why not when I slept with a renowned Nuclear scientist yesterday.

I have a confirmed appointment with a Nigerian Politician for next weekend.

iI that sounds hard to believe the truth is similar to above with no exaggerations or addon to it.

Clients book us through Gfe Bangalore, and we get confirmation from the client, and the rest is between the client and me.

Mostly we meet at the discussed spot, and it is first a usual welcome talk and a handshake and a drink, and mostly we have clients who would rather speak a lot.

We need to gather all the strength and patience to be patient listeners, and it is rare among the clients who may execute sexual acts for more than an hour.

Mostly we lure the client to talk, and once convinced that we are good listeners the client goes in blowing his trumpet.

Some times we hear clients weeping and crying, and the worst part being with a client is a snoring client.

We do pity his family and what I love in my job as an escort is people pay to adore myself and pay for my time and companionship.

The best part is I am always in a position of authority with the client and ensure I am at the power of status while in an intimate relationship with the client.

Escorting as a profession is an exciting job where you need to correlate with emotions, and one end, you have happiness and money.

We live a life motivated by our selves driven by no set targets as the society and family have hatred towards an escort.

The passion unleashes the creativity in a we Independent escort in Bangalore live with a personal passion for thriving in our lives.

The creativity is a driven force in any human being as it will inherit success automatically!!

I evacuate myself as a person who is stubborn by my burning passion driving myself towards my destiny and have no Interest in preachings and hatred talks by the preachers.

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