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Female Escort jobs for free-willed women. Women aspiring for a female escort. Part-time Female Escort jobs assured with confidentiality and privacy.

“I am living my life as an escort with unlimited patience. The men I meet, love my Independent spirit. Similarly, I applaud my self as a human being. It had always been nice to be appreciated. However, I love to meet a new man every day of my life. Likewise, it is a nice feeling to get paid for a passionate hobby of mine.”

Study on Female Escort jobs for the beginners. Women are trying to pursue Female Escort jobs in India. 

 The prologue of my quest as an Escort 

Generally, the woman stresses her life with financials tensions her life is going to get entangled. Consequently, A decision to pursue Female Escort jobs maybe last option any lady will like to continue in her life.

Therefore, only an audacious lady will be able to take an accord compromising on her conscience to live a life with freedom of thought and action. Thereby, Women are liberated and are rebellious in thought and action. Likewise, to make a career as an escort to fight the orthodox way of living the life of a chaste woman.

More and more women are choosing a part-time career as a Female Escort jobs to fund her immediate financial crisis. Consequently, the freedom of sexuality is getting a new definition with new-age women spreading themselves as the new age escorts.

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Female Escort jobs






Jobs vacancy as High-class  female escorts




Step 1

Before trying to start Female Escort jobs. Identify the right escorts agency and getting matters of concern clear with the admins in the agency on doing and do not in a career as a female escort.

Step 2

Ensuring dress attires are fitting into the elite lifestyle of any five-star hotel.

Step 3

Compromising the conscience for the time being in being a sensual woman. As well as have a mind on the exit plan well in advance.

Step 4

Creating an alias name and phone number to conceal the identity.

Step 5

Advocating safer sex and ensuring protection is always there in the hand purse. When so over, If there is trouble. Have a mind to walk out of the house. Means, out of the deal of rendezvous with the debonair.

Step 6

Ensuring an honest and transparent relationship with both the client and the agency Gfe Bangalore. I get employment for a prolonged time in place of my honesty.

Step 7

Live two lives of a normal girl and the vagabond lady. Principally, as two separate lives and never to combine both as the healthy lady life is more a secure and safest one in the longer run.

 Step 8

Similarily, Never to be carried away by the money. I am doing as an escort. Living a simple life with savings as a priority for the rainy days ahead.

Step 9

Moreover, Never to reveal any private information that may reveal identity to the client for whatsoever matter fo concern.

Step 10.

To conclude, follow Step 5 in the most pious and dedicated manner.



Adult job vacancy as High-class  female escorts



  • We get Reliable and regular clients from a reputable escort agency.
  • We get paid well for the services we offer.
  • No risk on legal aspects
  • Protection from legitimate threats.
  • Verified and Genuine Clientele.
  • Assured Monthly Income.
  • Secured Feeling assured with colleagues.
  • Daily work

DISADVANTAGES IN Female Escort jobs

  • No security when visiting a client
  • No verification on a client.
  • Trouble in choosing the right client.
  • Bargaining the right Price.
  • Legal threats to get faced as an Individual.
  • Advertising on her own. Answering unwanted calls.

Advantages are showing more light in an Independent elite escort in Bangalore.  BesidesI choose to align myself with the leading escort agency in Bangalore. Thereon, I am here with safety and assured monthly income. Moreover, I am happy to be associated with a leading Escort Agency in Bangalore.


I have two faces or two lives ( FaceOff ) and in my personal life.

I am the lady who you may often see in the temple in half saree going in rounds around the idols and a typical south Indian lady.

Usually, I am a typical south Indian lady. Another side of me is a torn jean and see-through short with matching glasses and a high heal walking with straight eyes in the road.

In my home, I am the typical lady who you will like to get married. I am a good cook and do take care of my brother and sister and my parents, and once I am on the streets.

I am the lady who is typically the women in red, and Cyndi Lauper “girls wanna have fun” lady. In bed, I am a tigress, and a man needs all his strength to tame me Lol.


Thereon, I just told myself If I need to achieve something in my life, and for my family, I have to lose something. Thus I ended being a loser and a winner. Moreover, I did lose myself, and I did uplift my family and myself financially. 

The most common way a lady loses is by asking her consciences on pursuing a career as an escort. Similarly, the lady needs all her strength in moving forward once she gets determined on pursuing a career as an escort. Consequently, Everyday life is like a box full of roses and chocolates. The best deserve to get most of it.

Subsequently, I am living my life as an escort with unlimited patience and the men I meet love my Independent spirit and applaud my self as a human being.

Nevertheless,  always been nice to be appreciated. I love to meet a new man every day of my life. It is a nice feeling paid for a passionate hobby of mine.

To conclude, I have reached the exit point where I do no longer live this life. Similarly, there are no more financial commitments. At this moment, I am now as a normal lady and will no longer pursue this job as an escort.

To summarize, Women should lay their path in clarity to put a full stop to this career as an escort. However hard the temptation of money as living chaste women is absolute than living with blood-stained money.

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