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“An compassionate women who can be a patient listner and can be lukewarm to the aphrodisia of a client is the Proper denotation of a  Bangalore Independent escort girl”

Bangalore the Garden city known for its climate and is the capital of Karnataka state. India’s top hi-tech industrial town and the city is also known for its nightlife.

Bangalore Independent escort girls will make you experience the best time of your life.

If you think that you have a mundane life, then this is the time that you add some excitation in your self by hiring an exquisite and graceful escort lady.

You will be surprised to know that they are competent and disciplined in order to acquire the skills and characteristics needed to provide high competent companionship.

The Bangalore Independent escort girls will not let you down and the money that you have spent is more than worthy for the service that they can offer.

Definition of a Bangalore Independent escort girls.

Bangalore Independent escort girls are bewitching, alluring and captivating girls and are mostly wild in nature in bed and clearly understand the thin difference between the layer of being a loving wife and an escort.

They had mastered the art of domination in bed with a man who is pursuing the best of empirical methods or practices by a skillful sophisticated lady.

The best way to elucidate a Bangalore Independent escort girls is they are alluring, charismatic and fascinating girls in the city of Bangalore and know perfectly well how to treat a connoisseur and a Debonair pursuing the best in Bangalore.

They are rampant, wild and ferocious in Bed and can adapt to the prepossession of a client and can be as amiable and sophisticated in a social gathering and we can offer a wide range of Independent escort girls of your choice.

Bangalore Independent escort girl is working for a cause and are more super egoistic of their role as an Independent escort in Bangalore and are conscious of their role in the society as an escort and do a job that can be satisfactory and an escort is a propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

A female escort is responsible for the stigma and social melodrama and does a role in cleaning the system? invisible? and when a Mans beastly thoughts on lust and love are unleashed it can endanger the peace and neutrality in an amicable world.

Female escort comes in like an angel in that situation and takes over to tame a man.
There can be chaos in this world if there is no way to release the tension a man has and the only option is to hire an escort.

A man is a beast whose frustrations can be posted as below

  • Power
  • Money
  • Success
  • Lust
  • Love
  • Religious Frustrations

And sexual Frustration can be controlled as below

  • Masturbation
  • Seeking or hiring a Partner

Other alternatives to control sexual Frustration

  • Exercises
  • Religious thoughts and meditations
  • Alternative lifestyles.

Bangalore Independent escort will prefer a confident client who is successful and flourishing clients and those men who are going strong in their line of activity and use the services of an escort as lavishing lifestyle.

Men who are successful will try to enjoy life at the fullest and we do have experiences of clients who are addictive to escorting and like abusing alcohol this habit of seeking an escort can be addictive in nature.

We at Bangalore Independent escort girl are aware of our role as an escort in the society and advice those clients who are ignoring their family life and money.

We honestly understand our role and are to be as useful and throw objects and a clients personal life is more a concern to us rather than our bread and butter.

A man needs women and women are a mother and next comes to a woman as a partner and a wife and a wife need to be a seductive mistress and a mother to move forward in a successful family life.

The worst of the enemy in family life is the third lady who sneaks in as the secret lover and can endanger a happy married life.

We Bangalore Independent escort girls are hired for the thrill and fired once our job is over and we like and prefer it that way and our clients will like to predominate us because we are very deferential and discreet.

Why do men prefer to buy sex from Independent escorts in Bangalore

  • Men prefer to buy sex to appease and quiche his lustful desires and he prefers anonymity in the same.
  • Some men become addicted in the process of seeking an escort and the addiction of womanizing can be a hazardous habit to be pursued in the long run.
  • When the relationship between a couple had developed into expectations and when in a happy married a couple is getting children the additional person is getting the love and affection and man is becoming more and more an ATM or a money spinner.
  • Men get ignored of his needs over the passage of time in a happy married life and the only place he can seek to quiche is lust is with an independent escort.
  • The society had been framed such with the passage of time where a man will always be a fortune seeker and his needs get neglected over the passage of years and love will be a diminishing factor in a relationship with years passing by.

In ancient India, the kings had the privilege of soliciting an affair with multiple girls right in his palace and the fact that a king is indulging in adultery outside his marriage was a well-known fact. And the place where he indulges is called as anthapuram

It was similar in Greece and around 2 BC Strabo had narrated female servants serving the clients in the temple of Aphrodite.

With the passage of time and women empowerment becoming more a political edge for any politician craving for power and prostitution slowly moved from legal to illegal.

The difference in trafficking and forcing a woman to do prostituting and willfully pursuing the job of escorting was always negligible or an ignorant matter of concern.

The western world is slowly becoming conscious of the profession and the list of countries where escorting a man  or  prostitution is legal are Argentina, AustriaArmeniaBelgium, Bolivia, BrazilCanada, Chile, El Salvador, Finland, FranceGreece, Guatemala, Mexico, the NetherlandsNew ZealandPeru, Portugal, Senegal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Turkey.

We independent escorts in Bangalore are deliberately writing in this site to create awareness among the readers and admires the fact that we do belong to the society and we are living a life with hard work like any other citizen of this community.

With all the good-hearted Samaritans who speaks only the truth and will never listen to a state of understanding if ever we escort never existed in this world.

The plight of innocent women if prostitutes never existed in this world !!

Independent escorts in Bangalore are writing in this site to make our colleagues understand the state of affairs in our profession of escorting and creating awareness among ourselves.

As we escorts understand that we are pursuing a career where our ability to earn more money will be at the start of our profession and with every passing day our value and our tag Price is diminishing.

We see the upper-class people and we share the supper with the elite class of this society and we understand that money is never in scarcity with a certain class of this society.

Our life as an Independent escort in Bangalore is a mix of two worlds

  • Our own reality world where the money is in scarcity to force us to sell ourselves to meet our needs.
  • The fantasy world where wealth is in surplus and we escorts stray around there to pick the left over’s.

We are temptress who had mastered the art of seduction and sell our skills for a limited period of time for the rich and famous men in this world.

Independent escorts in Bangalore have over the years are well-qualified lovers with experience fine-tuning our  expertise  in being a well-toned lovers

Escort in Bangalore start of our work with dedication and care and are committed souls in client satisfaction.

Independent escorts in Bangalore do get hurt with abusing words for a deed where Bangalore escorts are crowned in the gates of heaven.

  • Whore
  • Bitch
  • Prostitutes
  • Harlots
  • Hustlers
  • Sluts
  • Hooker
  • Concubine
  • Hussy
  • Floozy
  • Moll
  • Bimbo
  • raunchy women
  • Bawd
  • Strumpet
  • unchaste woman
  • Trollope


Bangalore escorts prefer to answer here for all those unleashing anger on us for selling our bodies.

When there is demand there needs to be a supply

When there is no supply

  • The demand can go straying and wild !!
  • Imagine a world without prostitutes and will the good-hearted Samaritans preaching be responsible for the Satyriasis of men and the satyr maniacs.

We do get clients who are addicted to us and those who believe the fantasy world he had lived for a while is a reality and we honestly confess to them we are actors staging a drama and we depart once the agreed time is over.

The warmth and tender we escort show towards a client are well-rehearsed acts and we escort expect a fee on each encounter and what experience a client cherishes are all acts of well-trained artists.

We prefer speaking honestly once we see a client allured with our love and affection.

What is been projected by the media and the forum community about escorting business is unreal and erroneous infect we escorts are soulful humans living a dignified life.

We are not blaming society but the whole set up where people like us ultimately become scapegoats in the process.

In fact, we are a united team of Independent escorts in Bangalore who are closely related to our line of activity and we are glad and in no situation, we are ashamed in pursuing a career as an escort in Bangalore.

The fact is, we are delighted young women who are glad in the state of mind that we will never belong to any man all over our life.

We steadily steer our life with any man of our choice and we are glad in living with many men rather than one.

We usually laugh at this word commonly used by our Indian  clients  “hi-fi escorts”  what is the definition for a “ hi-fi  escort

  • The Dress code
  • The age
  • The style and vogue of the lady.

If you feel “hi-fi Escorts” will fall under the above

You are wrong

An Indian client’s definition of a “hi-fi escort” is a good English speaking lady!!

Yes, we mean what we say !!

An Indian measure of the scale of a “ hi-fi escort”  is a good English speaking lady and he is ready to pay premium rates for the same.

An alien language is a measure of scale by Indians to rate an Independent escort.

We cater to all nationals in this world and we never saw this attitude in any nationality.

  • The French crave for an Indian in saree!!
  • The Germans love a buxom Indian lady!!
  • English prefers English as a mode of communication and prefers slim models!!
  • The Arabs prefer meaty chicks!!
  • We Indians prefer just ENGLISH speaking as a standard of quality!!

I love my country!!

Jai Hind

Job as an Independent female escort in Bangalore

Bangalore Independent escort girls is a luxuriance and exorbitance escort agency affiliated to the leading and reputed escorts agency Gfe Bangalore, world-renowned for its high-quality services. We are superfluity and concupiscent and our escort girls are lascivious in their line of activity and that means we hire only the best models and those who seek a prosperous career and love to socialize with the high end distinguished and debonair Clients.

To have a career as an escort in Bangalore Independent escort girls a lady needs to have beauty and brains and success comes only when we utilize our brains to the best level and when it comes to brain all humans have brains in  head and  the rest of the parts in their places and anyone can steer herself in any direction of her choice and any lady is on her own and know what she knows and you are the deciding authority to determine where to move ahead in life.

A few people succeed in their life and it’s just that they propelled and steered well ahead of their counterparts in the right direction and any lady who seeks money as a power to move forward can utilize this career as a short term career option to satisfy her monetary needs.

A career as an escort lady can never be the final and complete career decision and can only be a short term career decision in life and working as an escort will glamorize any lady’s lifestyle and would add a bit of spice and never allow the decision of being an escort carry over your life.

We do Pride with our client base and do have the rich and famous as our clients who would only seek the best the world has to offer and willing to pay the best.

  • All your applications are handled very Professionally and no data received will be shared to any third party and the highest level of confidentiality is maintained in all levels to maintain the secrecy factor.
  • Kindly do request all applicants to send in all requested data for quick feedback on your application and wishing you the very best in choosing to become a successful career option as an escort in Bangalore.

Bangalore Independent escort girls.

Bangalore Independent escort girls are extremely splendiferous and our Independent escort girls in Bangalore are known to have the urge and avidity to appease or quench clients lustful desires and Bangalore Independent escort girls services can be a one-time life experience.

“Every experience with a Bangalore Independent escort girls is a one lifetime experience because no matter how hard you try nobody can match our Bangalore Independent escort girls style and elegance and the urge and avidity to appease or quench clients lustful desires "

To add the extra spice in your life you may try spending your free /leisure time with the Bangalore Independent escort girls and will surely be regenerated with the extra energy to move ahead and concealing or hiding your fancy will only outburst one final day.

All desires and fantasy have to be tried and experienced in life.

We wish at the fullest of our heart the best of success to be bestowed on our clients both in their personal and professional lives.