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High profile Bangalore escorts would not have breached this silence our end as we needed to expose our self in this world.

The way of expressing our thoughts on this website is in no way a marketing gimmick from the high profile Bangalore escorts but another honest attempt in our confessions in our professional life as an escort in Bangalore.

We do have a family, and none of our parents had dreamt of us becoming high profile Bangalore escorts.

We had pursued this profession of escorting on destiny dooming on us on a beautiful day.

High profile Bangalore escorts were brought up like any other kids with proper education and little grooming by our parents.

When we discuss this matter internally within our colleagues what made them choose this path of escorting the blame was abruptly in the society and the politics in this country.

When the whole world is dumping India to be a nation of poor wages and the advent of call centers paying peanuts to their employees.

A dream decent professional career in this competitive world is a nightmare, and living a life in CTC of 3 lacs per year‘ is meeting the ends with no savings at the end of the day.

Kings and queens were ruling India, and after that era, we were ruled by the British.

The jet-lag of slavery is still on hang-over mode to most Indians even as the democracy dawned on India decades back.

The result of which the rich nations are still pounding on us Indians with economic sanctions, and we still believe in becoming being the best Nation on this earth.

Escorting does prevail in the third world countries, and most of the states had dealt with the situation with the changing scenario.

Germans are to be laurelled for When Germany legalized prostitution in 2002 it was a dawn of a new business worth 15 billion euro’s a year.

Fifteen billion Euro a year is no small money and when the Indian defense budget for the year ending 2016 is mere 75730 crores.

Check the above data on Google for verification.

Too much of economic stuff above and no personal confessions of escorts and nowhere in this site will you be able to find stimulating words or alluring porn narration of sex.

All written is by professional high profile Bangalore escorts, and we do not believe in stimulating the readers.

What we effectively are doing is bringing a positive approach to the problem of escorting business in India.

The porn Industry who are selling sex videos and books which may portray and contain sexual content are intended to stimulate and arouse a man.

We high profile Bangalore escorts honestly never intend to sell our self by gimmick marketing.

A magician is honest in selling his tricks, and a clown in circus survives with his pranks and for that matter, an orator with his linguistic skills.

Why not a high profile Bangalore escorts live by quenching the lust of men.

When the third world countries have started to realize and started to make revenues out of the thriving profession of prostitution and why not India.

We have a tradition of devadis system in India, and prostitution was thriving in India way behind our ancestors.

May today be the right time for the dawn of legalized brothels in India.

Let’s hope for the best.

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