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Independent escort is a women

Independent escort women

Independent escort women are Bawdy women in the profession of escorting. The business of escorting is a paid sex with men offering financial benefits in exchange for a good time with women offering themself on their free will.

“We do not want anyone to stand in acceptance for the business of escorting or applaud an Independent escort rather let her alone and let an Independent escort  accept her existence to be an escort and there is no need for somebody to interpret the beauty of a flower and if a Doctor can pursue his career as a physician so can Independent escort pursue her career as an escort in this world.”

Independent escort women


The boon of being a woman and an Independent escort

An  Independent escort is never born and an  Independent escort is not an invention, not a discovery of herself to serve a hundred men in her life and to quench the lust of a thousand men in her life.

she is a fictitious creature and not an Invented or discovered Creation by the god and it is just her life had shown her self the path of escorting and she is a committed soul to her profession.

An Independent escort in Bangalore flavours her life in being the opium to men and is a desirable object to any men who may appreciate the beauty of women and an Independent escort leads men into the fantasy-filled world.

The fun world is where all is fictitious and when the addiction to women becomes the barrier for a man’s eyes, he cannot see the truth.

And the very craving to find the truth disappears.

An Independent escort does not perform sex as an act of profession but a chore to be performed with beautiful and harmonious instincts that had been planted in herself once she had made her mind to pursue a career as an Independent escort and preaches the art of love and how sex can lead a man to enlightenment.

Quenching the lust is a divine task of an Independent Escort

Does the path of a man who desired sex with an escort for fulfilling his desires truly liberate him from the lust and the answer can be negative since lust is like hunger and thirst and the momentary assistance an Independent escort can provide can only quench a mans lust temporary but can never stop his appetite in seeking an another women.

Sex is mysterious for all living beings in this earth and only humans have in-depth research on the subject of sex and humans have to understand sex from spiritual angle to make it a stepping stone for enlightenment and to conquer and understand sex better.

An escort is more centred because of her opium and seductive and addictive behaviours and an Independent escort is more silent and serene in her profession of escorting.

The women know the art of seduction and to fulfil a mans life immensely and an Independent escort can effortlessly envelop a mans life immensely because a man is always afraid because of his instinct nature.

Which is sure that women are powerful than man and she is given the boon to reproduce and mother nature had gifted only women to be a Mother.

Sex is a massive force in bringing the two gender together and Satisfying sex is prerequisite for a healthy relationship but met are tribes who keep searching for new ventures with women and every woman he takes he believes it as his achievement and sex can be defined in three phases.

  • Desire
  • Arousal
  • Organismic Sex

A woman

  • Is Pious and chaste
  • Is religious and devoted to her family life
  • Never strays her thought on lustful and lascivious musing.

An Independent escort

  • Is opium by nature
  • Is addictive
  • Is a leach in business.

An Independent escort is women who know the art of love and survives in a man dominated the world with pride in her profession.

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