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The illusion of Escorting and the legerdemain of an escort in Bangalore

The illusion of Escorting and the legerdemain of an escort in Bangalore

Nature is not brutal to us escorts and is only mercilessly indifferent and this is one of the hardest lessons for us as an escort to learn and we do admit life can be changing its coarse in due time and we wait endlessly for the good time.

Nature does not have  any  boundaries. and it had  created  living creatures on this planet and watches the free play of  its own creation and it can claim the rights on her favourite child, the strongest in courage and the strongest in her creation  must dominate and not amalgamate with the weaker, thus sacrificing her own greatness. Only the born weakling can view this as cruel. and we escorts are considered the strongest in the eyes of nature.

Like any other business escorting works on survival of the fittest and here Extinction of an escort is time framed and survival of an escort for a longer time is  exception.for the selected few gems of escorts..

We escorts have come to this job of escorting on a stronger will power and don’t realise  how robust we are until we are forced to bring that hidden brawniness and vigor forward and  In times of catastrophic real  life situations,and we escorts  do perform  prodigious acts of courage and  the human capacity for survival it  is awesome. in an escorts life.

“The only place success come before work is in the vocabulary language and in the encyclopedia and we escorts follow our passion and are prepared for hard work and follow our passion, be prepared to work hard and forfeit our personal life for the sake of our career and, above all we escorts don’t let anyone limit their dreams.”

The business of escorting never fades away with the passage of time and there is enough evidence of prostitution being  in from the start of civilisation and can never be eradicated and with the span of 21 st century and it is just we have new names for prostitutes have come as  escorts  / masseurs / Companionship / elite courtesan / Girl Friends experience and so on.

The business of escorting can never be eradicated and   until there is carving for money and the time memorial money had been a scarcity product and when money is presumed as power of acquisition and we women are part of pleasure points for men who would like to mellow on their power of money and a wise man saying goes this way a fool and his money get parted soon ! !

The business of liquor tobacco and drugs like heroin  or cannabis are evils in the society and are considered Illegal in many parts of the world and are the most money laundering business in the world and can never be eradicated in total and escorting considered to be evil by the kind hearted samaritans of the society can never be  extinguished  on any form from this world.

We had of coarse come to the next level in escorting offering unique services such as BDSM and role playing.

We are masters in the art of listening to the woes of the clients and most of our clients complain that their wives do not listen and are wife’s eves dropping here and of ever reading do take care of that and next time we do not hear that from your sweat hubby ! !

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