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After seeing loads of our escorts writing here we had a thought of requesting one of our best client to pen down his thoughts and thanks from the team here for the generosity of the Privileged gentle man to pen down his thoughts.

We thank you Sir

Here he goes

I am Rahul ( Not my real name ) and after spending enough of my earnings on Independent escorts in Bangalore I was to understand in clarity that this game is more an addiction and coming out of it needs more of self confidence and self control and a disciplined life style.

“Women can be a mans worst enemy but bible says love your villain”  and addiction in any form is dreadful and while I started to gain power in my professional life my mind started to lean over to the women the pretty women in Bangalore.

It started as once and slowly in went into the weekly once and now I am almost spending all my money on women and mind it I do not repeat any lady I have met prior.

It is not that I enjoy each of the women I had met and some times I do realise its waste of money and time and for me time is money and I do get a satisfaction level on 80 percent of my visits and I generally do not have  expectations on every visit of mine.

“ I  was Induced  or cajoled  to all wrong things in life all over my life with  drugs alcohol and women and finally I settled on two vices in life  women and brandy ! !  I love Brandy and Good branded brandy was my weakness and   I was lazy and since success came so easy in my life and so did Money and power and it was so easy for me to lose the same and when there is enough people around you on the .twinkle on the sound of success and  there was no one to sound the alarm bell before all was too late for me  and now I am on my senses and I did lose my dear ones and family members.

Nevertheless life has to be moved on and my only comfort is the independent escorts in Bangalore and i confine myself to the selected few and ensure I am on my limits with my spending and it had been a nice time to have a selected few to spend some quality time and it is worth the money spent.

I do not preach and do not really believe in the marriage system of locking each Individual’s freedom and I am very comfortable with the selected few Independent escorts who give me comfort and joy and no financial commitments once the assignment is over ! !

People know to me were yelling at me on my life and my  longevity and I am not here to guess or predict my tomorrow and I am happy with today and I am  unsure about my old age and I am sure I can sustain the same way I am today managing myself  and the only pain is the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes  which had put a permanent stain in my health all these years ! !

Experienced Married friends had advised me for longevity in a relationship passionate love is necessary and for a healthier and longer relationship trust is more Important with each of the partner and I seek not to trust any one in my life any more or share my passionate love with one person only all my life and both seems Impossible in my life.

In a happy married life the main prerequisite  would have to be Respect for each other and respect Involves truthfulness  and genuineness in each of the person involved  and I am not the person to be dishonest to any one in my life for that matter.

Let me live my life and in my own style and I am happy to nourish the different dishes and would love to explore more dishes in my life and would not prefer to have the same dish all over my life in simple terms that can define my path of journey in my life as a monger.

I enjoy my time with the escorts in Bangalore and certainly they do provide value for the money and time spent and I am in no state of guilty to any person on my acts of my own willingness and I am clear with my route in my life.

Warm Regards

One Loyal Client

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