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Is Escorting business a sin by the land of law?


“Is Escorting business a sin by the land of law?”

Acknowledging the fact the availability of Pornography in the market and the availability of  hard-core Internet porn makes one feel if escorting never exist where will Man go to relieve his sexual tensions and the fate of an Satyriasis the tribe in the society of men.

There was a time when we  praised Mr.Hitler, whom we called a “genius,” and Mr.Goebbels, whom we declared the “greatest practitioner of mass persuasion.”‘  and there is no one now to take the position of Goebbels to yell into the ears of this world the essential need of escorting business.

The best of propagandist technique will never succeed in making escorting business a legal entity unless a legal format is framed in the legal system similar to Liquor trade or the tobacco business.

We are clear in our statement as above escorting business is a must in this society and it needs a Goebbels to preach the world the essentials of escorting business.

When Mr.Goebbels  is no more we are in process of finding an alternative methods and found Internet to be the best media to voice our concern at the top of our voice.

What happens when escorting is banished from this society or no more paid sex is available in the market.

There is chaos every where
Women are not safer any more
Sexual frustrations rises and Violence is on the increase

Politics and escorting business are not in the straight line of thought and a strong  political lobbyist is needed in this country to view escorting as an profession where it is similar to alcohol or smoking and seen more like a habit like drinking when being abused it can be harm full.

“It is like this  when we call a lawyer a Lawyer and Call a Doctor a Doctor and an Engineer as an engineer but do kindly respectfully call an escort a lady”

If ever preying  a women with evil intentions with the desire to have sex is defined as adultery and an act of intolerance in this society and all men are to be considered accused in front of the legal system.

The thin line that lies in between the admiration of beauty and lusting a women is where the law of the land rules.

A Man who admires a Women’s beauty is a connoisseur and a Debonair !
A Man who lusts and dreams of the women he saw is dreamer !
A man who goes off to seduce the lady is a lover !
A Man who forcefully tries to molest a lady  who he admired is a sinner and illegal in the legal system.

“Propaganda for escorting business is a must in this 21 st Century and have to be theoretically correct when framed within the law and it has to the voice of the mass public and only a  positive  movement that can conquer the broad masses and escorting business should be legalized with a Propaganda that should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of  the propagandist to discover intellectual truths in the escorting business and more harm is in the liquor trade and tobacco business than in escorting business.”

Here we need a Goebbels  who may Mellow the voice of Independent escorts and the necessity of the escorting business in this world.

Independent escorts are paid sex services which quenches the lust of a Man and ensures he does not prey on Innocent women.

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