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Independent Escorts and Retirement

We escorts in Bangalore live a life like this
Best before 20.11.2020
We get expiry date and we are prepared for the day we get our retirement.

The worst fear among all of us in escorting is retirement and we fear the day all our clients are going to reject us and we are never prepared for the day that retirement is going to dawn on us.

We never Imagine work less days in our life and our life used to be hectic and money was never an issue with us Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

We had seen many in our team some senior escorts taking retirement after the age of 40 plus from the exiting world of escorting and they had always been a mentor to us guiding us in all possible ways.

We fear the day retirement is going to dawn on us and when we are no longer in need to any one and our life is going to be a stand still.

It cannot be and we Independent Escorts had cultivated the entrepreneur skills and have mastered the art of learning several business techniques in the coarse of meeting eligible men as our clients while we were active in the escorting business.

When are trespassing a life that had endangered our personal life we are careful in savings while we are escorting and ensure we save the money for our future and most of our escorts are aware  of the expiry tag in our career life and do understand the career span in our escorting life.

I as an Independent escort in Bangalore clearly understand my destiny in my life and if ever I encounter the ultimate supremo God in my life I will bow and greet him and have got a hundred questions for him to answer and my first question would be why discrimination in his creation and why create an escort or a tsunami and was he absent from his duty on the day of Hiroshima or did he take a sick leave on the day of the massacre of  The 1984 anti-Sikh riots or the 1984 Sikh Massacre or the 1984 genocide of Sikhs or was he travelling out side this world on the day the twin tower in new York was attacked and pile of questions are to be answered  by the supremo God.

We Independent escorts life is all about thinking clearly and making smart,strategic decisions on each of the day that dawns upon us.
And we Reflect and apply these steps in our escorting career to move froward and these rules encompasses all of us Independent escort in Bangalore

All our clients are  governed with reciprocation of thoughts & feelings.and what we give we receive and generously give the love and affection we have to our clients and we escorts in Bangalore are generous with our clients.

We controls our mind and thoughts and we are clear on the omissions & exceptions in our decision making on day to day basis and our survival is day basis and in actual life we as Independent escorts  are steering and controlling our life to the next level.

We Independent escorts never estimate the sudden  success in escorting business as enduring and ever lasing and we know the end of our escorting career and are realistic and do consider all factors with a neutral mind rather than a biased mind and we Independent escorts never get crushed under the peer pressure of sudden  success and quick money.
We independent escorts meet Interesting people on every day and do gather knowledge from the art of listening and we do understand in clarity with the acquired knowledge we may be able to live a better life on retirement.

We Independent escorts keep discussing withing our close circles on every day happenings and keep our self informed on various clients and activities withing our circle.
We Independent escorts are very well equipped with enough experience to tackle a distress situation or have acquired enough courage to tackle a difficult client and have adapted 360 degree approach thinking & analyzing skills in times of trouble.

We Independent escorts understand that the whole world is suffocating us and our profession and are cursing  and execrate us with names as Prostitutes  whores and bitches and we knew  they are the same people who come around in the dark to be with us and we do not listen to the talk of the town  and we know the politics of a man and if the whole world spits on our face it is stupidity on our part to stop the whole herd  but pity the ones who come to us in the dawn of dusk in seeking pleasure and we understand pretty well how the world spins around.

We understand in precision when we should be out of the escorting business and when all our efforts go in vain and when the point comes when our clients are rejecting us  its time to say adieu to the most beautiful job in the world.

We Independent escorts understand the client needs a choice before he may short list his favorite escort for the night and we do offer a array of choices from our agency and Everything in life has huge array of choices to choose from  and large selection leads to discontent and the more The more choice a client may have he becomes more unsure & more dissatisfied  afterward.
No body in this world can make a perfect decision in life and we have opted to a life of an escort out of so many situations in our life and we stand on our path as a better escort in Bangalore.

Any  client prides  in owning a product that he wishes and in the pride we carry value and the time he hires an escort he owns her for the time he hires and prides in his ownership and we are clear in adding the spark in his ownership.

We get hired and fired on a day to day basis and we pride in being owned by the rich and the famous  and I am at my best before 01.01.2020.

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