FAQ – Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Are the Pictures in this site real

Obviously  we are in NO  position to reveal the identity of our escorts in an open web site like this and we will to our Privileged clients and our Independent escorts are not into this full time and all our escorts are freelancing working girls who are either student’s house wife’s or working class girls and Pursue a career as an elite escort in Bangalore for a quick money and an exciting adventure with the rich and famous clientele.

We had issues in the past when some clients started to share pictures of our escorts on the Internet and that may affect a woman who is pursuing a career as an escort for quick money.

We do and will share information about our Independent escorts with clients who are genuinely seeking a companion.

How to order an escort?

Mail us your Contact number with the requested information

Guest name 
Guest contact number 
Hotel booking details 
Room number 
Private resident or hotel location 
Duration of Service 
Payment Terms (Local / Foreign Currency) 
Desired Time and Date of the appointment 
Desired Budget

Regarding Place please Advice us

Whats App your requirements and requested information and we will revert back.

Contact Us

Contact by Phone Line 1 : 
Whats App Only
Contact via email: gfebangalore@gmail.com

How much do an escort charge?

The charges may differ upon the escort you may choose and the duration of the time you want to spend with the escorts and will be explained in detail on your Inquiry.

How Secure is the information a Client provide?

All Information a client provides is destroyed and we guarantee to delete any personal details held within 24 hours of appointment closure.

Are the escorts disease free? 

The Escorts are freelancing working women and have their own family and are more concerned about their health and only prefer safe sex.

Matters of concern while with an Independent escort in Bangalore?

We understand in clarity the money value for the money spent by the client and an Independent escort will be at her best when there is mutual respect with her self.

a. The Money agreed upon to be handed over in an envelope with love and kisses to seal the envelope.!! 
b.  During the time together an independent escort is embarrassed with the following questions.

How long have you been doing this job as an escort? 
How frequently do you do escorting 
Why do you do this

All these topics had been a debate and have been displayed as discussions in our web site for your pursue and the independent escorts in Bangalore are the finest Women in Bangalore doing the job of escorting for what so ever reasons that may suffice themselves as individuals.

A lady when greeted with flowers and chocolates is delighted and any small gestures like embracing and complimenting on her looks will certainly let an escort be at her best.

Can Couples be a part of the escorting?

We do have couples who seek genuine couples for a threesome and we act as connecting people to both the parties with verification done from our end on both of the party involved. 
To be in clarity we play a role of verification party connecting like-minded couples for a fixed charge.

Do a Client Tip an Independent escort?

We do not recommend gifts and tips to the lady however it is clients discretion to tip or gift a lady and any lady is delighted with a small gesture like gifts and will certainly give her best on a gift.

Do I get Promotional Mails or What’s App messages once the appointment is over?

If I do not like the escort who had come over?

The escorts traveling charges are to be taken care of depending upon her mode of transport 
A kind gesture of consideration of the time spent by the lady will be appreciated.

Is it possible to arrange an escort according to my preferences  Matured Lady / Tamil lady / Telugu lady /

We are into the job of escorting and cater to all specific needs of the gentleman.

What are the working hours of the agency 

8.00 am  to 10.00 pm   IST    All days and 365 Days 
We reply promptly to all inquiries and ensure we meet the client’s requirements at the earliest possible time.

What are In calls  and Out Calls

InCalls are providing space and accommodation on our premises to the best comfort of the client. 
Out Calls are attending the client in his Place or Hotel.

Do Independent escorts travel?

We do cater to traveling clients and offer traveling companions.


‘We offer only a legitimate introductory service for beautiful women. Anything that takes place afterward is a matter of choice between two consenting adults’