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Confessions of an Escort in Bangalore

Confessions of An Escort in Bangalore is a true narrative of an escort in Bangalore. There are no ghost writings here but a self-made attempt by independent escorts in Bangalore in enlightening the world about the darker side of the escorting world.

Escort in Bangalore is an exquisite woman offering their femininity for a fee which is an irresistible offer for any man to refuse.

My Confessions of an Escort in Bangalore begins here 

The first gentlemen I met in my native city is my native place Zamindars son ( Village head ) single and successful. He drives an ambassador car owns two large big Kanni or Chippiparai Dogs, and he adores his pets and cares for it.

This gentleman who we will call Mr.NatRaj comes from a background of famous freedom fighters of India and are mighty warriors in the past and are very caste conscience tribes in southern Tamilnadu.

He has a vast area of plantations in his control and yields enough workforce to manage the show.

As he is an influential person in our part of the world, and I had seen his father and him in their best forms.

The best part is he does have selected individuals around him always who use to carry his belongings and keep mellowing his tunes all the time.

He was a Romeo in our town, and he was the first to take me, and he lured me with every promise.

Generously he did give me enough money for my services, and that is where I started to understand how I may sell myself for a living.

The best part of the story is he had used me in all possible ways, and I still enjoy thinking about the games we played in privacy.

I loved every inch of my past, and all good things in life come to an end, and finally, he had to say adieu to me, and probably he found a better fruit than me as I had become a rotten mango for him!!

Sad Life goes on, and so did mine, and I landed upon this big world of Bangalore to start my career as a BPO girl and was earning a petty salary of 12.000.00 Per Month.

That was not enough, and I started to understand I had to pay back my parents and my sister’s studies and the time was ripe for me to realize.

Sadly I was the only sole breadwinner in my family and needed more and more money.

I started to see this new big world in Bangalore as a place to start using my femininity for survival, and that is a good start.

Desperately I needed the best escort agency in Bangalore ( Gfe Bangalore ) to guide myself, and here I am 2 years old and a prosperous independent escort in Bangalore.

It all started from my days in my village with Mr.NatRaj who showered me with gifts for my sexual favours, and now it is different and all-day goes by.

I am meeting regularly one new gentleman, and my Life goes on as an escort in Bangalore. I am here writing my Confessions of An Escort in Bangalore to throw some light to all new women entering this escorting business.

No regrets with me choosing my Life to be an escort in Bangalore when it is comparing the money I earn and the confidence I had Inherited along the way, and it was a long journey and every day pass by as a new dawn to myself.

What made me choose a career as an Independent Escort in Bangalore?

I need not be called as a Prostitute and would rather be as an Independent escort in Bangalore and I did it, and I pride in carrying my family in my shoulders.

I pride in the money I am earning, and I will never regret my Life doing this job for all the money that I had eared and supported my family on that hard-earned cash.

Escorting is an act of Providing sexual favours for the exchange of money, and we legitimately are proud of giving services to the society and to the satyriasis of men who are despaired to provide rewards for the best women.

I am an escort in Bangalore my daily Life is to visit my client’s place, and that can be his guest house or hotel and ensure the best of services from my end rendered to the client, and we provide value for money and client services at best.

My Life goes on with constant fear gripping me on every client I see and until I receive the envelope and take it back home and every dawn of the day I thank god for giving me my daily bread and butter and saving me from any danger what so ever.

I had met the most successful men in the corporate world to the desperate stranger in the streets, and no men are different when it comes to handling women, and we are objects of pleasure in the hands of men.

Independent escort in Bangalore had to digest that very thought of being a toy with every man we meet, and we are getting paid for the same and men who could not get that pleasure in his home comes to us, and it is addictive for men to savour women.

Once a man starts womanizing it can be hard to resist himself from the habit, and it can cause enough damage to his personal life, and we escort in Bangalore are quite familiar with the task of seducing a man.

Independent escort in Bangalore acts like a tiger in bed and also is timed to the core when it comes to the client’s pleasure points, and we ensure we get the best pay for the services and nevertheless a client realizes his family he can lose all he has with us.

We accept we are reckless in our actions and we honestly play our game, and at the end of the day, we lose our femininity.

My Confessions of An Escort in Bangalore ends here !!

To end my Confessions of An Escort, I made a very concrete resolution that I would abide and execute my sexual needs, and I will ensure I get benefited financially.

And there I made my self clear I will be the product myself and will merchandise my femininity as a product my self and value me personally at a higher-end and would indulgence in escorting and sell my services at a high price too.

And so it is business now, and I am sure it is mutual, and I give enough value for the money exchanged, and I am lots of Imaginative in my services and have included BDSM Roleplay and domination’s as part of my packages.

In regards to the men, I meet they are successful entrepreneurs working corporate men and they deserve the day for themselves and seek the best the world has to offer and no wrong in finding a paid escort whom they can hire for a couple of hours of fun.

To the wives of my clients, I have one word.

No harm to anyone
No one died of a Blowjob with an escort in Bangalore.

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