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Character MOLDING of an Independent Escort

Character  MOLDING of an  Independent escort

In our earnest desire to seek how an Independent escort transforms herself into a product for sale and modifies her character so wonderfully and  steering her mind and thoughts in cooperating with her subconscious mind and being a successful escort and living a life with pride and style we see her as a super human being adapting to all challenges laid before her.

No one in this world is a born Prostitute and we are all human beings adapting to the  challenges in life and an independent escorts character is  molded as a  result of the kind and quality of seed-thoughts she  entertains in  her consciousness and transmits to her subconscious mind and there can be no person on earth who may be despondent, discouraged or degraded and can over some situation with her action in different phases of mind..

A woman who is assiduously going through a phase of  despondency, discouragement and  depression and women who are continually being humiliated as being  unsuccessful, downtrodden, abused, are almost certain to grow into these undesirable state of being a product for sale.

A women as an escort will be dominated by her character and her survival will be more a priority and her whole world will be colored and dominated with her career as an escort  and a women who is planning success in her career as an escort   with harmony thoughts and determined will power  will inevitably draw  herself to the ideal which she had mentally pictured.

An Independent escort realizes her weakness and undesirable characteristics over the period of time in being an escort and people started to assume her self as if her  natural temperament and cannot be changed and this eradicate conclusion manifestly is erroneous  and mentally people are  are too self-indulgent to make an effort to modify or correct an undesirable character in their mind set and an escort is more or less portrayed as a women who had inherited nebulous or characterless behaviors..

A Women who is pursuing a career as an escort will mold and be her own influence in her life and will inherit more positive attitude  in her life and only strong minded people can mold their own character and ensure the circumstances and environment  is in her favor  and only such strong minded women will accomplish big things for them selves as well as for the humanity.

When a women identifies or realizes her destiny in life is to pursue a career as an escort she divulges herself to the mind set  of being  in the service industry and positively use her mental ability to satisfy a mans lust and love and physical love will only last a few minutes and only an able escorts can transform her   mental thoughts in subduing a mans lustful feelings.

In short an escort is a women who knows the art of living and is a superficial human being in total control of herself as well her surroundings and humanity.

An Independent escorts character is not a  habitual act. but playing a new role crafted by the supremo God in molding her self to a new role in pursuing a true righteousness path of  love and  loving all

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