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“Women are to be a protected species and the bestowed honor to men to conserve and preserve women went in vain and in the course of time women had been exploited by sexploitation”.

For generations, women were sacred and were protected by men and in due course of time women had to defend herself for her rights.

“When sex is a product on sale and is been hired or rented for a Price will affect the relationship between the husband and wife”

Men losses appetite with his wife and the frequency of sex is minimal with his partner when he starts to prey on escorts to appease his craving for sex.

Seeking multiple partners for sex will finally end in a search that is endless and will result in a strangled relationship with wife.

Women are an admirable creation of god bestowed with love care and affection and are not to be debauched and derogated with measurements of her assets.

In the escorting trade we escorts in Bangalore are measured by our assets and looks and we request a talk before you may finalize your lady of the day.

We call girls in Bangalore are aware of our clients and do limit our exposure to the limited time we are on hire and are professional in our line of work.

We call girls in Bangalore are aware of the relationship with our clients who are limited to the time we are hired and do limit our self to the services within the stipulated time and never let emotions run errands in between our course of work.

We escorts in Bangalore are on daily basis meeting enough new faces with diverse fantasy and with experience have become better lovers in the process.

A man plowing all day with a mule will crave for his wife even if she is ugly and a happy married life is stress-free life with good relationship with the partner.

Viagra was a hot product and people went crazy consuming the pill for fun time unlimited and resulting in side effects and all prescribed medicines for erection related disorders or pleasure unlimited has their own consequences and the medical world is aware of the same.

We call girls in Bangalore do encounter Viagra pill consumed clients and pity the gentle man’s genitals for wearing out sooner and have seen enough worn out genitals of men consuming Viagra often and our confessions are true.

We female escorts in Bangalore are sinful souls and are to be played with care or we are very addictive in nature and are more charming in looks and womanizing is a luxurious habit to be pursued with care.

We call girls in Bangalore do have clients who are cautious of the above statement and do play their cards in care with us escorts in Bangalore.

For that matter any habit is safe when it is not becoming an addiction and abusing the addiction is harmful for men in general.

Alcohol mutes a mans ability

Tobacco is a killer habit

Drugs are dangerous addiction to be pursued.

Womanizing never kills but is a hole in pocket and a harmful addition that may affect the family life.

Play safe with the female escorts in Bangalore and we are here to assist the connoisseur of men.

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