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Bangalore Independent escorts Interview

“Morality with the correct mix of fairness gives the winning edge for any Independent female escort aspiring to have a lucrative career as an Independent escort in Bangalore “

Do not call an independent escort in Bangalore a whore but treat her like a lady she will give her best in return of the favour.

Why Independent escorts charges are high

There is a Difference in having food at Saravana Bhavan or Adigas and having a quite wholesome meal at a fine dining restaurant.

The same is the case with hiring an Independent escort and a roadside street hooker.

The Bitter Truth I learned about men I have met so far is

  • They are unable to love the lady who can satisfy himself.
  • Unable to satisfy women they love.

If you are unable to understand the above phrase, do reread it to understand the full meaning.

Bangalore Independent escorts Interview is not a fictitious rather an honest attempt to bring the reality in the escorting trade in Bangalore.

The below is an expert Interview with the leading Independent escort in Bangalore who had entertained the best men in the corporate world.

The satyriasis of men in the society who had a burning appetite for sex, and she was their classic and authentic person.

Escort in Bangalore provides immense sexual pleasures and escorted the men on a trip to Paradise and replenished or restored the void in a man’s sex life.

She was blessed with immense beauty and had a reflecting personality to match her profession.

The escort is possessed with all the wits and knowledge to handle any subject matter of concern since she had interacted with many gentlemen.

She has enough insights about the business and can bridge in any negotiating table for a business deal.

The truth is she had already lobbied the politicians for a high-end business deal worth crores and is more deal maker in the business world.

Bangalore Independent escorts Interview

Bangalore Independent escorts Interview

Q: How did you get into the escorting business in Bangalore?

A: I had been a good deal maker in my company and had always been a good business trader along the way and sometimes.

I had to push myself as a female to push the deal forward, and there came a time when I realized my value.

I become a freelance business consultant and in the process identified this site to become a high-end escort catering only to the elite class clientele.

Q: Who were your clients?

A: Businessman, Computer nerds and mostly visiting NRI on business trips to Bangalore.

Q: Most exciting client tale?

A: BDSM and fetish clients are more Interesting, and we do get couples who are interested in a threesome and some women clients who have lesbian fantasies.

Q: Do clients Tip?

A: A typical good gesture is greeting us with flowers and chocolates and starting off the date with a conversation and a drink.

Of course, handing over the envelope at the beginning of the time and bidding us adieu with good gifts.

Generous tips would flatter any excellent independent escort in Bangalore to give her best to the client.

Q: Do the Client found you as a lesbian?

A: It is business with a man and no personal feeling ever when we are into the business of escorting, and we do have our lesbian partners.

Q: First encounter with the client?

A: In fact, I was well guided by mentors in my team at Gfe Bangalore by the time I was to meet the first client.

I was well prepared mentally and psychologically how to act and how to imitate a fake orgasm!!

Q: Are you doing escorting full time or part-time?
A: We work an agency that has a lucrative client base, and I do part-timing as an escort and concentrate on my corporate career as a deal maker.

Q: How are the lesbian escorts and the Couples who seek a woman?

A: We are in the business of pleasure and no emotional touch while we cater to the need of man or women or couples for that matter.

It is a pure business deal of hiring our services for a couple of hours wherein we had to ensure complete satisfaction for the clients and worth the money spent.

Q: How do hobbyists and regular mongers behave?


  • To cater to regular monger who has the habit of taking an independent escort in Bangalore regularly.
  • They do keep comparing other escorts to our services, and we need to give our best in ensuring client satisfaction.
  • It does hurt us when a client says she was right in that and she was good at that and we are not qualified to do blow jobs all our lives.
  • It really sucks when someone says you are right in Blow job, and she is terrible in that and this and just a note to my beloved monger.
  • Independent escort in Bangalore is not a qualified expert trained in the art of Blow jobs.

An Independent escort in Bangalore is a passionate lover who knows the art seduction.

An Independent escort in Bangalore knows how to be a tigress in bed or a tamed human being who knows the art of listening.

If that helps someone who is listening!!

Love and affection hired for a cost from an escort as it is confidence.

Sharing and perfect love can be achieved only with both the individuals fullest contribution in regards to self-respect.

A good lovemaking session is possible only through trust and respect.

Independent escort in Bangalore believes the fantasies of a man is stranger than reality.

We advise our client’s true love ceases in an entity where it does not exist and can never deny from the right person!!


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