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Bangalore escorts are the profession willfully pursued by women like me with a free-will to escort the debonair clients.

My name is Deeksha born and brought up here in Bangalore Pursuing a job as an escort in the garden city.

I was requested by my concern Gfe Bangalore to write my journey as a Bangalore escorts with no ghost writers assisting me.

I am doing the same with no backing and do regret any grammatical mistakes in my first attempt at a. writer.

I am from a well to do family and have enough support for my studies or my needs.

My Initial first venture into escorting was quite a funny accident for me as
I accidentally met the person running this escorting business.


He suggested I am gifted with a beautiful body why not try this as a hobby, and there started my journey as a Bangalore escorts.

Nevertheless, I am selective about my clients, and I reverse the way the whole mechanism works.

I request the picture of the client before sharing my photos If that sounds amusing. It did the job, and I find clients equally puzzled with me.

The clients started to share photos with me before I share my pictures, and it worked out in my good times.

That may sound crazy, as that was a perfect plan well executed, and the funny part is I rejected my clients rather than they rejected me.

I was choosy with the men I am going to date that evening, and I started to dictate my terms and conditions in the appointment with my debonair of my clients.

Everything went the way I wanted, and I was the boss with my paying aficionado, and I never guessed to have a job where you play the boss to the paymaster.

I am charming enough to command my terms with my devotees as I am charmed at my age.

I know that I am priding myself on a diminishing asset as I am pretty sure I am not the same down the ascending years to come.

My asset is fast diminishing, and I need to sweat myself before I lose my charm.

It is just what I am doing right now en-cashing something that is at its best with the best of my efforts.

I am there in the escorting trade selling myself with my terms, and I am happy in what I do and have no regrets whatsoever and feel painless.

I hear the sounds of Samaritan’s preaching as I am blamed and bruised for the job I am pursuing as a Bangalore escorts.

The society hurls me with words like a hooker and a bitch as I more concerned narcissistically with my well being.

Selfish is harmless in a society where greed is a way to live as almost every soul I trespass is narcissistic in their well being.

Refusing to be generous to the society that had given them all the wealth is the way most of them live in pride.

With the egocentric attitude, I live my life as a Bangalore escort with no annoyance in my line work as a hired lover.

I work as a Bangalore escorts with a piece of mind minding myself and my self in silence with the world as I pass my every day with a stranger in bed daily.

I pen here my thoughts in honesty with no words in dishonesty is lying here in disguise so that it may misguide any aspiring Bangalore escorts.

I speak here to benefit all the newcomers here in the escorting field as my words crafted carefully to help the newly recruited Bangalore escorts.

I am not here to mask my words with any lie that may be misleading and wish and pray the best to all.

The lintless joy of having an Independent feeling is pursuing a passionate job.

Pursuing a Job of Bangalore escorts has a boundless joy for any women aspiring to be a Bangalore escorts.

  • Income is limitless.
  • Meeting a connoisseur in abundance.
  • Identity concealed.
  • Privacy is a priority.
  • Safety is foremost.
  • Quitting this job is as easy as disappearing in the thin air.

All the above is a promise of Gfe Bangalore where I worked and experienced it in honesty.


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